Personal Projects

Besides my 9 to 5 as game programmer I have several private projects. These don’t have commercial interest involved.

Hidden Files

I handed in a 2 page Game Design Document to the Call-For-Games of the Print Screen Festival.

My concept got selected so I will present the game in Tel-Aviv in November 2018.

The game is my reflection on the political scandals that followed the discovery of a neo-nazi terrorist cell  in 2011. The German interior intelligence service responsible for monitoring extremist activities failed to protect the citizens. The agency deleted many files after the group was exposed and seems unwilling to cooperate in the judicial and parliamentary efforts to shed light into what happened.

The player is presented a complex net.

The game puts you in the position of a intelligence agent responsible of protecting the agencies secrets. You are presented a complex graph of persons, location, organizations, files and secrets. You are antagonizing the parliamentary commi

The player can explore connections in the net.

ssion trying to shed light into this network. The commission will traverse through the graph.

As a player you delete or censor files to prevent the commission from accessing the secrets linked to it.

The player can delete or censor files.




This is the first game I ever made on the Global Game Jam 2014. The concept is that you only can see yourself through the eyes of your enemies.


A really cute little game I made on Global Game Jam 2015.

This project started was originally intended as a art installation. The player moves a strange creature half elephant half slug trough a empty dessert. The player does so by using a VR headset ( an android cardboard app )  while preforming physical sit-ups ( in real life ).
I was able to showcase this work on a few occasions ( if you know of any occasion where i can showcase this please contact me ).  As it mixes exhausting physical workout with a virtual world  many people perceive it as some kind of fitness app. Which is kind of funny as it was originally just intended as an piece of personal art trying to express a certain feeling/episode in my life.


Pirate Penguines VS Polar Bears On Jetski

A small arcade game I made on my own. You control a ship of pirate penguins and shoot at … basically everything. It took me like a month besides my 9 to 5. The most complicated thing was to get a good 2D water simulation.

You can play it online or download an apk.




You can find some music on my SoundCloud Account. Its the result of experimenting with Tidal Cyles.