Professional Work

Since 2015 I work as a game programmer at the GoodEvil, a studio that focuses on creating high-quality serious and educational games.
My primary scope of duty is the design and implementation of framework code for Unity3D, organizing the efforts of a small team of programmers.

Our framework is designed to be well adjusted to our workflow. The core features are:

  • Content management.
  • Asset Management.
  • A dialogue system that supports branching, handling events and conditions.
  • Complex text templates, suitable to handle grammatical inflections in different languages .
  • Handling different touch interactions.
  • Visual Scripting Elements, to be used with the dialogue System and beyond.

As part of a small company I had to learn how to master all technical aspects, while having the opportunity to learn about all non-technical aspects of game development.
Many of our projects are created for museum and exhibition contexts. We worked with a wide variety of partners from the public and private sector.

The published games i worked on include the following:

Serena Supergreen und der abgebrochene Flügel

A Point and Click Adventure with a lot of technical puzzles.

The game is intended to raise young women’s interest in taking technical jobs in the renewable energy sector. For achieving the educational aim and being technically correct we closely worked with the Technical University Dresden. Also we support the university on researching the project.
I also did the voice acting for the shady circus owner.
It can be downloaded for free on Android, iOs and PC.

  • Won: Pädagogischer Medienpreis 2017 – Apps für Jugendliche
  • Won: Giga-Maus 2017 – Kinder ab 10 Jahre: Bestes Lernprogramm
  • Nominated:  Deutschen Kindersoftwarepreis Tommi 2017
  • Nominated: Woman in Games Europe Mobile Award 2017
  • Nominated: Innovationspreis für digitale Bildung delina 2017

Die besseren Wälder

A 3D-open world adventure game. The game is based on a book with the same name. It handles issues of identity and belonging by giving the player game-play and dialogue choices. As a wolf raised as a sheep the player searches for the “greener woods” where he is free to be himself. The player is able to switch between those different parts of his personality to explore the associated options.

Protagonist Ferdinand is banned from the sheep herd as they find out he is actually a wolf. (c) the Good Evil GmbH

The game is targeted for mobile and desktop. A first alpha version for schools is playable online. The project will be continued after evaluating of alpha test phase.

The player can choose to play a wolf…. (c) the Good Evil GmbH
… but also switch to act as a sheep if he wishes. Giving him different options. (c) the Good Evil GmbH


Tafiti´s Savannenparty

A kids game for iOs and Android we deveoloped for the Loewe Verlag. In the game you help the main character to organize a birthday party by playing different mini-games. I really enjoyed working with the high quality assets. Combining well designed audio and animation feedback with the demanding input habits of the target audience proofed as a challenge we mastered well.

  • Won: Deutscher Kindersoftwarepreis Tommi 2016 – Sonderpreis Kindergarten und Vorschule

Der Löwe – ein Lese- und Schreibabenteuer

A kids game for iOs and Android we developed for the Beltz Verlagsgruppe. The lion has go on different adventures to write and send postcards to his loved one. I really enjoyed working with the great assets, especially the voice-acting done by the author of the original books.

  • Nominated: Deutschen Computerspielepreis 2018 als Bestes Kinderspiel
  • Nominated: Deutschen Kindersoftwarepreis Tommi 2017
  • Won:  Giga-Maus 2017 – Kinder 4-6: Bestes Lernprogramm

Lesestart zum Lesenlernen

A small mobile app we made for Stiftung Lesen. This interactive book supports different reading modes for different skill levels. The player can interact with the scenes also there is a small jump and run for every scene. It can be downloaded and played for free.